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Agilent 54832B VXD error

Question asked by fblevins1 on Nov 16, 2012
Hello, I am sorry if I posted this is the wrong section.

I have an Agilent 54832B Oscilloscope and when I turn it on it goes into Win XP and then it attempts to go into the Infinium Scope mode but comes up with the following errors:

"The Scope VXD is not registered or is out of date".

"Can't register the application with the acquisition interface board.

I can click by those and then it enters the scope mode, but has Self test errors and will not calibrate.

In the past I have been able to use a ghost image to get the operating system back to a proper operating condition, however that was for a Win 98 based Infinium model.    This Scope does not seem to have an image backup that I am aware of.    I went to the Agilent site to see if there was a backup image available or other related software available but other than a IVI driver download there was nothing I could locate.   I did go ahead and install the driver package but no luck, it still produces the same errors and inoperative conditions.

I am not the user of this machine so I would not be able to tell you much about how it has been used, only that the user has updated the software or firmware via the internet.

I suspect it may be the Acquisition board but the software errors I receive are not what I am used to seeing for a board failure.   And if it does turn out the be the Acq board that is no longer available.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit:   I failed to mention that this appears to be an intermittant problem as if I reboot the Scope it will occasionally go into the Scope mode without errors.   When that happens I can do a self cal and self test with no problems.

But I suspect that information may simply complicate matters for you.

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