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What exactly needs replacing on this 8720D VNA - is the parts available

Question asked by drkirkby on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2012 by drkirkby
I bought an 8720D VNA a week or two ago, but did not get a set of the correct test leads until today. When I tried to mount one of the test leads on the right hand side of the instrument, it would not mate. When I inspected it carefully with my finger, I could determine the thread was damaged on the test port - see the attached picture. 

What exactly needs replacing here? Will it require a recalibraton after replacement - I expect it will. Are the parts still available? 

I bought this from the USA, but live in the UK, so shipping it back and forth to the USA is not exactly cheap. It would make more sence to get it fixed in the UK.