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configuring VSA tcp/ip default port

Question asked by amir on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2012 by DaveHornbeck
HI all,

I'm working on VSA from remote, using SCPI commands over LAN. The connection is being made through matlab, using the 'tcpip' function.
Recently, the company installed new version of VSA on the server (new version is 15, the old one is 13). So currently both versions are installed on the server.
Now, when I'm trying to establish the LAN remote connection (in the same way I always did), I keep getting connected to the 15 version (and I want to connect to 13 version). 
I tried changing the SCPI port, but it doesn't help... In addition, I see that the versions have different tcp/ip port.
How do I configure, to which version/port the matlab will connect?

Thanks, Amir