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pna-x firmware group triggering settings not saved

Question asked by rok on May 18, 2012
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I'm currently using A.09.42.12 firmware. I have a .csa file where I want to to set the group trigger to 10 for all the measurement channels. However, everytime I recall the file, it reverts back to 1. So that setting is not being saved for some reason. It is a pain, since I have about 30+ channels and I have to change it back to 10 again one by one. 

Also, here are some other minor firmware issues I have encountered:

1) In the IM spectrum measurement class, if you specify a 10kHz span, the frequency listed at the right edge is incorrect. (see attached for details). For the example, it should be 999.995Mhz to 1.000005 Ghz, not 1.00001Ghz. 

2) When using the PNA with the older firmware version, it would list the smoothing amount used in the 'Trace Attributes Table' when generating a pdf printout. But with the new firmware, that information seems to have disappeared! 

3) For a single trace with several markers, if I enable trace statistics on it, it will only show 1 of the markers and cover the rest up with the statistics table. I don't see why you can't show all the markers and the statistics table at the same time.

4) When performing a calibration with an e-cal unit using the wizard, during some steps, I noticed the blue light on the ports already lit on before even having a chance to click the 'Measure' button and connecting it to the e-cal port! I am worried this might pose some radiation risk, especially when calibrating at high power and frequency levels. 

If someone can looking into the group triggering settings not being saved and address the other minor issues, that would be greatly appreciated.