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3458A TEMP? and CAL?59 & CAL?60 temps.

Question asked by lhiga on Oct 15, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2011 by lhiga

I started adjusting this 3458A and looked at the temperatures:
                           TEMP? 38.4
                           CAL?59 42.1
                           CAL?60 42.1
After completing the adjustment I looked at CAL? 59 and CAL?60 they were virtually the same. 42.1. I also looked at TEMP? also and noticed it was elevated 43.4.  This is not the first 3458A I ever adjusted and I have never noticed the temperature TEMP? noticably elevate like this.
Has anyone noticed the temperature behave like this?  Is it my imagination or do I have something wrong with this unit?