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Python Module for Function Generator Control

Question asked by scottnla on Feb 5, 2012
Hey all,

After struggling to figure out how to connect to various pieces of lab equipment and control them via python [to automate as much of my measurement process as possible] I wrote a somewhat flexible module for controlling equipment.

this may have recreated many of the efforts of pyVISA, but I found this to a lot more straightforward [potentially just because there's less code; I hope this is also better commented...].  If you're already a user of pyVISA this probably doesn't give you any additional flexibility; however, if you're just getting started and a bit overwhelmed by all of the examples like I was, hopefully this would help.  I've tested it on the Agilent 33210A and the DSOX2004A, so it would also be good to know that other people can get this module to work.

good luck,

nathan lachenmyer