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N8241A in labview

Question asked by jks67ss396 on Jan 9, 2012

Im trying to run binary waveforms through a N8241A Arb in labview.  I cant seem to find any "scpi" commands for the 8241, so im trying to use the 8241/AGN6030 dll files and its functions.  I think ive got everything configured correctly in Labview.  As i step through the code, everything appears to work correctly, but when i get to the wrapper for configureArbWaveform (where gain and offset are configured), i error out with

Error -1074118652 occurred at AGN6030A Configure Arbitrary
Possible reason(s):
Driver Status:  (Hex 0xBFFA4004) Unknown status code
Primary Error: (Hex 0xBFFA000C) Attribute ID not recognized

That seems to make me think that the configureArbWaveform is corrupt?

Any help is appreciated