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vrf DDE not functioning.

Question asked by andy.cole on Aug 10, 2007

Hi all.

Need some thoughts.

I've been working with a program that was written in Vee 5. Unfortunately the person who wrote the program has now left us.
The program is designed to test Step Attenuators using an 8753ES Network Analyzer. The program works a treat except for one annoying trait.

On first use, after the testing is complete and the program attempts to send it's results to an Excel worksheet, I get:

        ERROR 830, Could not initiate DDE link to Application Excel, Topic Raw Data.

Although Excel does launch but there is no data transfer.

On any subsequent use, it works fine.

On looking at the program, I can see that the author built all the results in to a record and then used a TO/FROM DDE to launch Excel and send out the raw data for sorting.
My feeling is that there may need to be something at the start of the program to get Excel ready for launch???
Or, have I got a potential PC problem?

Has anyone else come across this or does anyone have any thoughts.

Many thanks.
Andy Cole
Principal Engineer
Test Equipment Maintenance
Raytheon Systems Limited

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