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vrf 8.5 does not install on x64 edition !!

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 18, 2007
Dear Vrf,
We recently ordered 8.5 from our local Agilent representative and I downloaded the software from the web in order to install the EVAL version while we wait  for the purchased version.
When I tried to install the downloaded software on my computer which has Windows XP Professional x64 Edition sp2, the installation script gave me a message saying that it 8.5 runs only on windows 2000, windows XP sp2, and vista and quit.
I have 8.01 running without any problems so far on the same computer and 8.5 does not even install. That's too much of a change for the minor upgrade, don't you think?
I hope this problem is solved by the time I receive my 8.5 CD from Agilent.
Any suggestions other than downgrading my OS to vista?
Omer Akbas
Istanbul, Turkey
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