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vrf Anritsu MS2601A flatness data - help editing req'd

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 10, 2008
Hi folks,


Not strictly VEE but here goes…


I am trying to adjust an Anritsu MS2601A Spectrum Analyser’s frequency response.

The Service and User Guides imply the “CD2 0,440” command can be used to overwrite the unit’s data with a simple numeric array – but despite various permutations the data refuses to change.

Annoyingly, the Service Guide I’m using only applies to serials >= MT74170, and my unit is MT40353, so the command syntax may be wrong.


Anyone have experience with this problem or code syntax before?

Meantime, I’ll check inside the unit for an EEROM enable jumper or similar…


Cheers, Simon Coleby

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