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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 10, 2008
Hi everyone
I've been trying to find some info on how to break up a long text file into smaller parts, perhaps save each part (for each channel of data) in an individual file then plot/analyse the data from each channel.  This text file is exported by my data acquisition software, Spike2, which acquires data from up to 10 channels.  During export it produces a .txt file which has a header of about 20 lines of text. It then has some channel info of 4 lines starting with "Channel 1" which is followed by 2 lines of channel information and then the raw data in a collumn. At the end of the data stream there is a blank line and then the info for "Channel 2", and so on...

Is it possible to search for a text string in a file, say "Channel" or "Channel 1", "Channel 2", etc..., and then extract the corresponding channel data for plotting or analysis?  Then search for the next text string, say "Channel 2" and extract this data, and so on...?

Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to look up this info or provide an example program that might help?  I can send an example of a real .txt data file that is exported by Spike2 to help.  It is quite large (about 2MB compressed and ~11MB when uncompressed) so I couldn't send it with this email.

Incidenally, in Spike2, data collection for each channel is sequential. ie
Spike2 samples channel 1 first, then channel 2, and channel 3..., and so on.  Therefore each channel starts data collection after a small time delay depending on the sampling rate.  This time delay is listed in the couple of lines of info for each channel.  How can I incorporate this time delay into each channel's data when plotting and analysing?

thanks heaps for your help

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