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vrf VEE issues...

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 25, 2008
> In relation to this point never
> use junctions to control program
> flow unless there is absolutely
> no other way to accomplish the task.

I'd go so far as to say never *ever* do this. If you need to, you need to rethink the algorithm first. There are stupid C tricks, and then there are stupid VEE tricks. IMO this is one of 'em! Feel free to disagree but I probably won't change my opinion :P

> Always to code to limit error pin
> use as much as possible.

Another excellent point. In other languages (including VEE's mother language), throwing and catching errors is The Way, but not VEE. I found that on a fairly large program that used errors as a natural course of logic, after several hundred thousand pings VEE lost it's cookies, reset all variables & started over from scratch! The customer was not amused

And no, I don't think it's ever been fixed. The opinion as of a few (several?) years ago was that it can't be fixed without breaking other things. IIRC it had to do with HP's STL implementation of red-black trees, or some variant library analogous to the STL. Can't figure why a red-black tree would be involved though (maybe has to do with stack tracing?).