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Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 11, 2007
Hi All
Can somebody tell me what I have wrong with my IO setup.
I'm using R&S CMU200 VXI drivers, installed off web. When running an executable(vxe) on another machine that has Agilent IO 14.2 and VEE pro-runtime 7.5. I get message cannot find driver *.dll. Yet I know that they are there. So I installed an EVAL full dev. on that machine and now running in debug mode, error 539 comes up when launching the code. Then the message cannot find *.dll comes up.
The code has Direct IO boxes as well as PnP (since not all all the R&S PnP driver works). When the Agilent connection expert is loaded,CMU with all the secondary address are displayed correctly.


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