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vrf Programmatic change of instrument addresses (ASRL - serial)

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2008 by VRFuser
Some time ago, there was a discussion about "Programmatic selection of instruments/interfaces" and the appropriate I/O configuration. Unfortunately the question how to do that with serial control has not been answered...
I want the address of the instruments be changeable by a setup function (all instruments connected to the PC RS232 interface). The aim is that one lab-PC can have instrument 'abc' connected to COM1 while another lab-PC has instrument 'abc' connected to COM2.
My (embedded) I/O configuration is as follows (Vee 8): 
----ASRL0                //COM1
----ASRL1                //COM2
----ASRL2                //COM3
I tried to change the Com Port of 'abc' from COM1 to COM2 by using ""ASRL1::INSTR" from "Function browser-->Instruments->Serial Instruments".
Reading back the address of 'abc' results in "ASRL1::INSTR", however the instrument does NOT perform any I/O action on Com2, but still on COM1!? The I/O box of 'abc' is placed in the same thread as the formula which changes the address.
I noticed that the above instruments have an attribute "ppAddr" (value "ASRLx::INSTR") in the I/O config file which can not be changed programmatically (with GPIB instruments this seams to be possible)...
Any ideas? 

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