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Automate 89600 VSA software using VEE

Question asked by dhiraj_gangaraju on Jun 8, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2007 by DaveHornbeck

I created this application in Agilent's VEE to automate the VSA software and gather a screen shot, trace data, etc...Currently, the VSA software is running on a PC connected via GIPB/USB to an Infiniium MSO with the VEE application running on the PC and everything works perfectly. What my supervisor would like to do is move the VSA software from the PC into the MSO. So if i want to run the VEE application  on the PC and send the same commands to the VSA software on the MSO via GIPB/USB, is it possible? I use the COM API commands in my VEE code, but is it possible to send those same COM API commands to the VSA software on the MSO using the Direct I/O objects in VEE.

Thank you

Dhiraj Gangaraju