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vrf .NET List Box control...

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 17, 2008
Thanks so much Shawn,
Exactly what I needed, as usual. Once again the vrf makes me look like a star! It might have been nice if Agilent had included this information in the example. Without a resource like you and the vrf in general, I would never have found a way to do this.
Thanks again,
Douglas B. Rudrow
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> The bad thing is; the example
> programs don’t include any way
> to access which items are selected.
OMG did those maroons do it again??? We did this dance with the ActiveX multi select too. One moment please...
Ah, no. MS is no whipping boy this time. One tricky thing: make sure you pass Int32 to the Item method of the SelectedItemCollection or you'll get a missing method exception. I didn't realize that a Count outputs Real64.
Note that you can do this as SelectedItems or SelectedIndices.

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