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vrf Using VB express 2008 to produce compiled functions

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 12, 2008
The short answer is no, you cannot use VB Express to produce a Compiled Function Library which is callable from VEE.

The long answer is a little more involved.

First, I could be wrong but I didn't see a way to do it.

Second, yes, you can use VBE to produce assemblies which VEE can use (.NET Assembly References... bla bla). However, you'd probably have to edit your .config files to have VEE use the particular version of .NET that VBE is using (the minimum was 3.5). There might be a way to have the compiler fall back to an earlier version.

Third, these assemblies are MSIL only (apparently). I didn't see a way to compile for the target. This goes for the C# compiler too.

The C++ compiler *will* produce standard Win32 (and, I assume, 64 if that is the target environment) executables or libraries (dll, aka Compiled Function Library), but the included tool set is virtually non existent. Heavy duty debugging is out of the question with the IDE debugger (unless some major improvements have been made since v.2005, and I doubt it). The integrated debugger is fine for most issues one is likely to run into though.

One final note: this thing took FOREVER to install. Hours. And that was on a clean, brand new WXP Pro VM.