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vrf Active X control exists?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 8, 2008
> I need to find a way to do this
> when the program is ported on to
> different users machines.

Ah, one more comment. What I usually do is use SnagAFile to contain necessary controls & libraries in the VEE source itself, then write and register them as necessary.

Now, these are usually my own libraries so there are no licensing issues, but if they're not your own you have to check on the control or library's license so as not to get jammed up. For the most often used controls, it's not a problem. Most of Microsoft's controls & libraries are redistributable *for run time use* without restriction, and that includes containing a copy of them in VEE & writing them on users hard drives as necessary.

You can't write a design time license in the registry for these controls without violating MSs license, but once the software is designed you don't need that. Since all this is in relation to VXE, it follows that no design is even possible at this point.