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vrf Add field to Record.

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 12, 2007

I have been using v8.0 since it was available and I can say it is a great deal better than v6.1.
With VEE Pro v8.0, you will use Agilent IO v15.0, another great improvement.  I strongly suggest moving to Agilent IO 15.0.

Many advantages, but best to look at the "See how Agilent VEE Pro evolved over the years link" ( ... 9:epsg:tcn).  VEE Pro v8.0 (with patches) is very stable and has been supported for some time now.
The biggest advantage is .Net programming.

Upgrading is fairly easy.  I performed the upgrade on 10 test systems fairly quickly with little issue.

Is it costly?  Well, when you compare to LabView, Agilent VEE upgrade to v8.0 is very cost effective.

Totally compatible - from what I have seen and used, I'd say very.

I would not move to VEE Pro v8.5 however; there are a few bugs that I have found.  In talking with Agilent Support, they suggest that I wait until the first patch is released until fully implementing VEE Pro v8.5 to all test systems.  So hold off on v8.5 until around end Feb 2008.

Best regards,

Don Black
Test Engineering Manager
Ventracor Limited - The Heart Company

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 Hello All.

Looking for a general opinion here. We are running most of our test systems on Vee 6.1 and are looking to upgrade to Vee 8.

What advantages will that bring?

How difficult is this upgrade?

Are both versions totally compatible?

Is the upgrade expensive?

Thanks in advance



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