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vrf Sounds and VEE (A work in progress)

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 16, 2008
As most of you know by now I make use of the more peculiar aspects of VEE. The Matlab functions which enable the management of Wav files either created by the functions themselves or imported into it. It also seems these will also enable the XY display object to display the exact waveform of the sound as it was also seen using the sound recorder program from Windows itself. There's a Y output on one of them who gets connected to the input point on the display object.

Earlier on I got involved into the aspects of how a device could create a low power radio signal that could be received using a regular broadcast grade receiver. In this case an AM band device.

And described in this book "Biomedical Telemetry" (Amazon listing is ) happen to be describing those devices.
They were also described in an article in "Scientific American" from March of 1968, as well.

In the book the author also describes methods that most of you would also be familiar with from other aspects of the technology we are familiar with.

Such as the telemetry gadgets worn by some wildlife, a bear is displayed wearing just such an example.

Now all of you must be asking yourselves, "What the <BLEEP!> does this have to do with VEE, and the VRF?" Well the answer is that the sounds the devices deliver to the receiver, that is the radio signal being decoded upon being received, need to be further reduced into a form that all of us can understand, and perhaps apply.

These Matlab objects can be used for that, provided the input is first captured as a Wav file or perhaps any of the supported sound files that the appropriate Matlab object can understand. Naturally sound capture and storage is out of the purview of this note, and naturally I can provide information on what I am using, (will be using?) off list to all who are interested.
Gregg C Levine
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