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vrf IO Libraries and IO Manager don't agree

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 8, 2008
Hello VRF'rs,
I upgraded a compter system on one of our test racks and ran into a little problem.  I am hoping that somebody has seen this and has an easy solution.   I've checked the archive but didn't find an answer.
The IO Agilent Connection expert (ver 15.0) finds my PCI GPIB card.  I assign it GPIB 7.  I can speak to the instruments using Agilent Connection Expert.  Everythings fine.  When I open Vee (ver. 7.5) and have it find instruments, it finds the GPIB card at 14.  Running the program, it barfs and say's "did not find interface at 7".   If I go back into IO manager (from Vee) and assign the GPIB away from 14 to 7, it doesn't communicate anymore.
How can I make Vee's assignment of the GPIB card the same as Agilent's Connection Expert??
Thank you,
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