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Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 6, 2007
A USB -GPS mouse do cost around 100 Dollar maximum, and VEE software for this is available. So this is a good idea to get the time. Your problem then is - that  you have to have a GPS signal - and is this available in your insdustry environment , perhaps in a Hall ?


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For the PC side have a look at license protector. You will see that they
have included some items to prevent and to trace changes on the clock of
the PC.
I am not sure how to use license protector whit vee
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On the PC SW side, I do not like to change the PC's clock
in order to extend the license because this illegal walkaround
may cause some disadvantages for me.

FUKUI Yutaka

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>Subject: [vrf] TIMER/CLOCK???
>Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 20:05:03 -0400
>Hello all...
>We control a piece of external HW that we need to upgrade, I did all
>initial code and it was done in VEE and I intend to continue using VEE
>this of the new requirements is the idea of a time based
>license, (HW/SW features enabled during either as a a trial periods or
as a
>monthly subscription fee that obviously gets turned off when the user
>not pay or when the trial period expires) of the problems faced
>that the HW does not have a means of having an internal clock to
>data or time...the HW is being redesigned to this capability but the
>question is how does one acquire time and data information from a
>reliable/authentic/independent source?? We have thought of adding a GPS
>module but pricing for this particular application is prohibitive and
>if we do it I have the feeling that this would require a major redesing
>the HW and SW to support a GPS module, the other option is to connect
to the
>internet and acquire the data from a designated web site...the problem
>that this a hand held and we can't force the customer to connect to the
>everytime the user turns on the device??? On the PC SW side we have the
>problem??? If the PC is not connected to the web then we have to be
>to use the internal clock...but this could be manipulated by the user
>extend forever the license??? Does anybody have faced the same
>Any suggestions???

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