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vrf finding the frequency of a sinewave in an array

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 3, 2008

Hello Agilent,

I just loaded VEE 8.5 and the VEE 8.51 Patch. Also loaded IO Libs 15 and Patch 1 on a Windoze XP Pro machine.

I also have VEE 4, VEE 6, VEE 7.5 and VEE 8.0 installed on this machine.

We name our source files name.veeX (Where X is 4, 6, 7 or 8).

Windoze proved to be so dumbly designed that we couldn't point a .vee4 file to vee.exe in the vee 4 program directory and point a .vee6 file to the vee.exe file in the vee 6 program directory. They all connect to whatever the first vee.exe file happens to be found in registry (they don't handle paths).

Our solution was to copy the vee.exe in each program directory to veeX.exe and then point the .veeX file to that. It worked great, we could edit click and edit a vee 4, 6, 7 or 8 file at will.

Now comes VEE 8.5 and this no longer works, an exception is generated when I make a vee85.exe copy of vee.exe in the VEE 8.5 program directory. I get the exception when I rename the vee.exe file to veee85.exe.

I don't suppose there is a workaround for this?????

Another problem, is that when I manually click on the VEE 8.51 vee.exe I don't get a tool bar. Just an error on the way up saying it has a bad string in CommandBar.config
I looked at it, I don't see anything wrong but then I have no idea what I'm looking for.

I am now doing the dumb (windoze) thing: Unistalling the old versions of VEE and will try reinstalling VEE 8.5. If that doesn't work, I'll reinstall the operating system. If it still doesn't work I'll buy a new PC....
If it still doesn't work I'll go to work for Bill Gates.

Rob Marquardt
Sr. Test Engineer
ACIG Test Engineering
Rockwell Automation
1201 So. 2nd St. / W5S23 / T131
Milwaukee, WI. 53204-2496 USA

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