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vrf Kernal32 load problem

Question asked by g.nied on Jan 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2008 by g.nied
Hi Barrie,

is that machine the same that has the problems with the toggle elements? If so that machine seems to have a windows problem and needs to be reinstalled.

Some other thoughts from me:
> long _stdcall lstrcpynA (char*  lpString1, int  *lpString2, long
> iMaxLength) int _stdcall GlobalAlloc(int uFlags, int dwBytes); int
> _stdcall GlobalLock(int hMem); int _stdcall GlobalUnlock(int hMem);
> void _stdcall RtlMoveMemory(int pDest, char *pSrc, int dwBytes);

Those functions need to be used with extreme care because you can easily screw up the system when passing wrong parameters.

> long _stdcall EnumCalendarInfoA (long lpCalInfoEnumProc, long Locale,
> long Calendar, long CalType) long _stdcall EnumDateFormats (long
> lpDateFmtEnumProc, long Locale, long
> dwFlags)
> long _stdcall EnumTimeFormats (long lpTimeFmtEnumProc, long Locale,
> long
> dwFlags)

It seems to me that you use some functions for different country setings. Perhaps you have mixed up a windows update for differernt countries...

Does the error only pop up in runtime or in development environment too?

best regards,


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