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vrf VEE and MySQL

Question asked by VRFuser on May 7, 2008
> now call MySQL connector/ODBC 5.1.4 - has to be surely.

Yep that's the guy. Wow! 5.1.4 Guess it's been a while.

> Was going to try that with dotnet
> but why not just stick to ADO.

Should be the same with ADO.NET (or nearly). Almost any tut should work with minimal modification. When you do get a round tuit, the only trouble I had was libmysql.dll versioning. But, that was connector 3.51 - it's probably much better now.

If you're not used to working with mySQL, it can be a bear to set up permission. I typically use GRANT to create accounts, others use CREATE ACCOUNT. If the server is on another computer, make sure the server is set up to allow connections from remote and open port .... mmmmmm 3306 I think.
Also, the client must be given explicit permission to connect to the server.

It'll drive you nuts for a while, but keep working through the help examples & it will sink in with time. Once you get permission straightened out it works like a champ.

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