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89601B VSA Not responding to SCPI Commands

Question asked by mtanco on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by dufresne

I am currently trying to remotely control the VSA 89601B V14.0 (installed in a N9020A MXA) through SCPI commands and LAN.
In my control PC I am using my own VB .NET application to communicate with the box (i.e, not using a local 89601B software).

I have been able to successfully connect to it: I can open Port 5024 and retrieve the software ID string through the *IDN? command.
However there is not much that I can do afterwards. When I send the SCPI command SYST:VSA:STAR, there is a screen appearing in the N9020A stating the following:

This instrument is in use by the Agilent 89601 Vector Signal Analyzer running on host A-N9020A-10271.
To unlock the front panel and allow you to resume local operation, either shut down that application, or disconnect it from this instrument using the
Control->Disconnect menu item

Additionally, to the right of the screen a label with "Remote VSA" appears as well as a disabled button with the label "Local VSA".

At that point the instrument does not do anything; it does not react to any further SCPI commands, and the VSA software never appears on the screen.

Is there any other thing I need to do in order to use the VSA software remotely? What I am doing wrong? Is there any SCPI command, or list of commands, that I have to send prior to the "SYST:VSA:STAR"? I have checked one example in C# in the Agilent help directory am I have not able to find anything different to what I do.

Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated,
Thanks and best regards