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vrf Bus Protocol?

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 5, 2007

I’m curious what is sent to a connected instrument via Ethernet or GPIB when a VEE program is stopped, stopped just by hitting the square stop button on the VEE toolbar.  Or perhaps a status line is changed at that point and not a command..?


The reason I ask, is because I have a R&S ESU spectrum analyzer (EMI receiver) that has given me trouble with the latest firmware(4.13).  I’ve narrowed the lock up issues down to a couple of circumstances, one of them being mentioned in my opening sentence above.  The other is when a spectrum sweep in Receiver mode is initiated remotely, then an EXECUTE LOCAL or a front panel LOCAL button is pressed, it locks the ESU occasionally. (Note: Previous Firmware versions do not hang)


So, I’m curious what VEE is doing when the Stop button is pressed. 


When I am connected to the instrument via Ethernet (local Ethernet bus strung across the floor, no Internet), I can see the lights blink on the Ethernet hub simultaneously with my pressing of the Stop button.  So, I know something is happening there.  But what?






David Mulvey

(661) 277-5744 RF Lab G19A


JT3 / Spiral Technology, Inc.


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