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How can I make Ultrawideband (UWB) measurements?

Question asked by litzdog911 on May 2, 2007
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How do I make UWB measurements with the 89601A software? PSA has only 80 MHz analysis bandwidth.  Is there something with wider bandwidth?

If you want to do UWB measurements greater than the PSA's 80 MHz maximum bandwidth, then consider the new VSA86000A Ultrawideband Vector Signal Analyzer to get an analysis bandwidth upto 13 GHz, with 8 bit dynamic range. You can get more detailed information at .... ... &id=868863

Some of the VSA86000's features include:
    * Make measurements on WiMedia-based multi-band OFDM ultra-wideband PHY layer signals, such as those in Certified Wireless USB
    * Characterize wideband radar and satellite communications signals
    * Capture up to 13 GHz bandwidth in a single acquisition
    * Measure constellation diagrams, carrier offset, and frequency error using flexible demodulation
    * Make error vector magnitude (EVM) measurements
    * Gain rapid insight into complex signal behavior using display formats including spectrogram, phase vs. time, and frequency vs. time
    * Select specific portion of signals for signal analysis using time gating
    * Protect your investment with the upgrade program for the 2-GHz and higher models to up to 13 GHz bandwidth