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Re: Reading from data file

Question asked by STUKHS on Nov 28, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2007 by STUKHS

I am currently working on MB-OFDM UWB in ADS2005A.

I did a test, where I fit the EVM block to the UWB signal source to measure the EVM. Since this is ideal, I obtained a constellation of 4 dots equidistant from the origin (QPSK scheme).

In the second test, I write the data of the signal source into a .tim file using the TimedDataWrite block. After that, I read back the same .tim file using TimedDataRead and apply it to the EVM block. However, this time, the EVM result is -9e-16 and I obtain a single constellation point at the origin.

Effectively, I am applying the same source, but why is there problem with the EVM detection now?Can anyone help?