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vrf Printscreen.vee questions

Question asked by VRFuser on May 19, 2008
> but it does not seem to consistently
> return titles associated with the UserObject.

A single VEE "window" is actually 6 different component Windows windows. I never did come up with a predictable way to find the displayed title as different objects create these windows in a different order (although it can be done - it's just a hassle).

Also, the Window Text (as defined by Windows) is not where the title text is held. The actual title text is stashed away in a VEE structure pointed to by the Window Extra Bytes. As such, any method of finding this text would not necessarily be portable between VEE versions.

If you know the location of the user object window, you could probably use WindowFromPoint to get the handle though.

> Is there any way to access or even
> use this ObjectIndex property?

Not sure, but probably not without a lot of reverse-engineering. The aforementioned VEE structure seemed to be one member of a list of VEE objects, and should probably contain this index in it, or maybe it works something like object_info_ptr = head + object_index. It seems reasonable to expect that having found this structure you should be able to get a Windows window handle associated with it (most likely it's contained in the structure too).

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