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vrf How to speed up NI DAQ6221

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 10, 2007
Hi All,

A fellow engineer is trying to use a NI DAQ6221 card with VEE8 to read some digital encoder values from a motor.

He has to change an output enable bit and then change some select bits while he reads 4 nibbles from a latch in order to get a 16 bit encoder value.

It is taking him about 1.5 msec from the time he sends his output enable line low until the time he can send a select line low. He is doing two port writes in a row in the same task box. We need to speed this up.

This is taking far too much time. It takes him 30 msec to read in these 4 nibbles. He needs to be able to do it much more quickly.

So, what is he doing wrong? Must we enable the standard interface provided for use with VEE?


Paul Sylvester
Business Line Ultrasound
Philips Medical Systems
3000 Minuteman Road
Andover, MA 01810

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