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vrf MS Access syntax

Question asked by VRFuser on May 20, 2008
Hi All


I am using agilent vee pro 8.5.  I just had occasion to revisit some old code developed in vee 8.0 that uses Matlab graphing.  I notice now that when the graph pops up in Matlab (2007a) the matlab menu bar is now severely depopulated.

With the version of Matlab script shipped with vee 8.0, the figure menu bar includes items for “File”, “Edit”, “Tools”, “Window”, “Help”.  The new version of Matlab only shows “File” and even that menu item has been depopulated of items (no page setup now for example).


Has anyone else noticed this?  More importantly, how can I get the default menu items from the previous version of matlab back?  The old Matlab window had nice built in functions to allow the user to annotate the graph, etc.


Interestingly if you look at the documentation for Matlab 2007a it at least implies that there should be a lot of menu items present (based on screen shots).   Is vee restricting the menu items being shown in some way?


Thanks and regards