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trying to test a timer

Question asked by bolka on May 21, 2010
Latest reply on May 25, 2010 by bolka

I am trying to test a program that toggles outputs based on conditions. For example, if the input is one then wait 120 seconds then toggle the output, but if the input is zero, the output stays the same.  I am using an Agilent 34907A to power the inputs and monitor the outputs.  The program works fine when I test it manually, but it doesn't seem to be counting when I hook it up to the Agilent 34907A.  I think what is happening is that since I have to write my inputs to the Agilent 34907A in a loop, the createInstance function is causing there to be a discontinuity because the object has to be created and the default for the channels is input before I change them to output and output the byte, so the board thinks that the input went low and resets the counter.  Any suggestions?