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Programming Recorder out assignments on E4417A Pwr Mtr

Question asked by jtt844 on Oct 27, 2011
Hi All,

I need to programmatically (via SCPI) assign Channel B of a E4417A power meter to Recorder output #1. When I send the OUTP:REC1:STAT ON command, the unit assigns Channel A to recorder output #1 and if I send OUTP:REC2:STAT ON, the unit assigns Channel B to recorder output #2.

I've gone through the programming manual and have tried the OUTP:REC1:FEED CALC2 method but this does not work and no other command seems to come close to providing the feature I need.

From the front panel, it is quite simple to manually assign Channel B to Recorder output 1 but for some reason, I'm stumped when trying to do this via SCPI commands. The fact that the unit reads the numbers 1 for A and 2 for B in its programming commands, also contributes to some confusion!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!