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vrf Vee and Multicore Processors

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 19, 2007
 >  Vee is only single thread,  ...
That's not completely true, or at least it didn't use to be.  IIRC, Direct I/O to VXI Register based devices were separate threads - and it was the way to create a scanning voltmeter with separate switch cards and voltmeter.  Think about it - a scanning voltmeter has a voltmeter that waits for the switch card to say "ready" before it takes a measurement, and the switch card waits for the voltmeter to say "next" before it advances.  Without separate threads it can't do that under software control (you would need external hardware trigger instead).  But with the DVM and switch under separate threads they run just fine.  (And this is the reason why the non-Direct IO didn't work -- they don't use a separate thread and therefore lock each other out.)

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