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Problem of V2820A RF Vector Signal Analzyer Desktop Control

Question asked by akyozh on Aug 23, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2011 by tabbott
I'm trying to control the V2820A instrument with "V2820A RF Vector Signal Analyzer Desktop Control Panel" software from USB connection. While V2820A connected, one device with name "VSA 2820" appears in the Device Manager of Windows OS. However, the Desktop Control Panel application didn’t identify any instrument in the serial number list.

There is one topic about "Troubleshooting the Series V2800 Vector Signal Analyzer Desktop Control Panel Installation (Windows XP)" in the Series V2800 Help document. From the example figure for installing device driver for instrument, there should be three devices exist like this:
RF Products DSP
Agilent Vector Signal Analyzer
Agilent V2820A USB Device

The firmware and Desktop Control Panel are updated to the latest version (6.0.4).

Why is there only one device with completely different name in my case?
Is this the reason leading to the problem of instrument identification?
How to diagnose and solve this problem?
Very appreciate for any reply.