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Adding New Series using SeriesCollection

Question asked by DeclanHealy on Oct 18, 2011
I am having some trouble when I try to add a new series to my Scatter Chart using this approach MyChart.SeriesCollection.NewSeries which is very similar to the way it would be done in VBA. I get an error informing me that the GET property is not a member of SeriesCollection.

I have attached some sample data in an Excel file (Rename with .xlsx extension) and some VEE code (VEE 9.2) showing the issue. The aim of the program is to loop through all the tabs in the Excel file and graph the data on a scatter chart.

If I change the code so that there is no loop, I can graph two series using MyChart.SetSourceData(sheet.range("B2:C"+LastRow), xlColumns) but I don't know if it possible to add more sheets using this approach.