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Update data in DataGridView

Question asked by DeclanHealy on Oct 5, 2011
I am using dataGridView to display ENR & Loss Compensation data from the N8973A Noise Figure Meter. The data can be loaded from files on the N8973A hard drive or from some other network location. Each dataGridView table has two columns (Frequency & Loss) but the number of rows can vary. I used the dataGridView example supplied by Agilent as my starting point to populate a table which is then displayed on a userfunction panel. The userfunction panel also has a button to select a different file, but the dataGridView table will not update with this new file data. The dataGridView table stays populated with the original file data.

I am familiar with VEE but not with .NET so it is like looking for a needle in a haystack when I open the .NET operation builder. I have seen some C# code examples on the web about refreshing the dataGridView and databinding but I have had no success when I try to apply this in my VEE routine.

Can someone point me in the right direction.