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Vee and IO lib-"NOT LIVE"

Question asked by tkofbh on Aug 8, 2011
I'm running VEE software VERY nicely.  I have had a somewhat simple request:
how can I programatically change the state of each instrument to "NOT LIVE"?

I want to use my software, but not connect to the test equipment.  If I manually turn each instrument to "NOT LIVE" (in VEE) it does exactly what I want.  My software just runs, ignoring the instrumentation.  Since there are several instruments this is somewhat of a nusience.  All I want to do is have a switch someplace in my software the choose "NOT LIVE" for the instrumentation.  When I reconnect to the hardware, I'll flip the switch.  I'm using USB with Connection Expert 15.1 (though I can use any version).

Is it possible??