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Saving data to the wrong excel workbook

Question asked by HenrikS on Jan 29, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by HenrikS
Im using VEE 8.5.

I have 2 diffrent loops that does the following during each loop (not synchronized in time with eachother):
Read data from workbook A1 (A2 in the other loop)
Read data from workbook B1 (B2 in the other loop)
Save some new data to workbook A1 (A2 in the other loop)

When the save occurs i've done the following (inside the same userobject and directly after eachother):
-Select workbook A1 (or A2)
-Write data to a cell
-Save workbook

Still it wants to save to another workbook then the one i've selected.
Is it possible that between the (short) time i select workbook A1 and the Save occurs that if i select workbook A2 in another userobject as the active workbook it will save to that one instead?

Any ideas on how to save to multiple workbooks securely?
Or am i doing semthing wrong here?
I've been working with VEE for 8 years now and usualy find a solution, but won't mind getting help and perhaps an alternate way to design the program