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Reports / Parts List (Bug Report)

Question asked by WDOERR on Nov 14, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2007 by jaymckee
Hallo ADS Community,

the parts list generator (Schematic Window Menu: File / Reports / Parts Lists) seams to be buggy.
At least for the 'Agilent EEsof (netlist format)'.
(Version ADS2006-Update 3)

It displays the result and saves with the name of the design visible in the schematic window. However, the content of the file might be from a different design currently open.

When closing all other designs the part list generator works as intended and uses the signle open schematic.

In case that is helpful for you, please share your found bugs as well with us.

Greetings from Wiehl/Germany,