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Vee 6.01 Version and Excel 2007

Question asked by Mr_Almeida on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 29, 2011 by changmeikuan
Dear friends

I´m a intermediate programmer using VEE Pro 6.01 at many years. I generate programs that interfaces with Excel (97). But today I would like to migrate to a newer version of Excel, like 2007.

I´ve created my own Excel Library that is called at program start, like Agilent Vee newer versions trying to solve an version fault. My libray works very well.

I only changed Excel version (97 to 2007) and after this an error 554 ("<name> is not a member of the referenced ActiveX object") appears.

What happen : Excel 2007 is called and open it but don´t load archive that has been selected and generate an error described above. Normal mode is Excel loading an archive and saving it after I give another name to keep original data intact.

I´m believing that problem is installed on structure I´ve attached to clarify my inquiry. I suppose that I will need to work with "xlib" statements but I don´t know best choice.

If somebody can help me I will be thankful !

Best regards