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VEE Socket timeout settings, handle timeouts?

Question asked by a_q_y on Sep 3, 2009
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Hi I'm using VEE 9.0 to drive a 6000 series MSO scope via ethernet.

My application is really simple: recall config from memory (so I can fiddle with the triggering etc manually on the 'scope),
then DIGITIZE then save the resulting waveform from POD1 to a bin file on the usb stick. Then it loops around back to the DIGITIZE.

I need to leave this running unattended for days on end in case the specific event triggers and new files get saved.

My first problem was that the Direct IO was timing out after a few seconds and the DIGITIZE was then failing, so I found where the DIrect IO timeout was and set that to 5,000,000s. However I let this program run overnight and it still timed out. Is there an overall maximum on this timeout?

My second problem is that the program now cannot be stopped easily, it just displays an hourglass if you click on the stop button in the menu bar.

I suspect that it's single-threadedly waiting on a socket.

Can I solve both problems at once - is there a way of handling the socket timeout within VEE without a pop-up box and an error happening? I can then re-enter my loop. I suspect that if I did this, and the timeout were shortened, I could then stop the program manually, as it would check the overall run state more often.


   - Adam