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matrixinput=true breaks compatability mode?

Question asked by uWHarry Employee on Apr 28, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2011 by uWHarry
I created a program in VEE 9.2 using x vs y plots with matrixinput = true. I saved it with VEE 8 compatability mode set. But whan I try to load it from a PC with VEE 8 I get error messages about "value 12 out of bounds (valid range= [0..11])". I reloaded this PC with VEE 9.2 and it will load the program. But VEE 8 should have been able to load it because VEE 8 has matrixinput in the properties panel too. There are no other advanced features in this program. It could be loaded by older versions until I switched to matrixinput=true.

Does this problem make sense to anyone?