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HP 8903B and GPIB interface

Question asked by vr2whf on Jan 20, 2011
I have a HP 8903B Audio Analyzer and Agilent 82357B USB/GPIB interface. I am trying to use the PC software developed by Pete with the 8903B which based on VEE PRO.

The Agilent IO Libraries Suite v15.5 can detect the HP 8903B properly and the ADDRESSED annunciator and the REMOTE annunciator are both ON.  The GPIB address of the HP 8903B is 28 as default. The talk only and listen only are switched off.

Just to check everything was working before using Pete's software, I used the Agilent Interactive IO to send a few simple commands. The HP 8903B can accept and response to the "setting" command such as changing the frequency, voltage level and measuring mode. However, the 8903B does not response to the read back command, including "RL", "RR". So, i can't get the readings from HP 8903B to my PC.

I notice some HP 8903B also encountered similar problem. It appears to me not the problem of the bad ROM, but seems some bug or incompatible GPIB behavior of the 8903B. Not sure if there is any workaround.

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