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vrf DLL runtime error

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 1, 2008
This may be a calling convention issue.  If you put __stdacll in you Vee header file, Vee will do the right thing as regards function name decorations, so your header file would have a line like 'long __stdcall funcName(long arg1, long arg2, long arg3)'.  You can tell if a function has been exported with the stdcall convention if the function name is followed by a string that looks like '@12' when running dumpbin.  The '@12' tells you that the function has arguments taking 12 bytes of stack space.

Here's a link to a paper that may help:

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> Function was not loadable: startupXgd

The issue is the function is not called startupXgd. It will of course depend on exactly what the project settings are in VS for this dll, but my first guess would be "_startupXgd@0".

To prevent guessing, run dumpbin /exports <dllname>. If you don't have ready access to dumpbin, you can use Depends and look for the function name.

Using "extern C" isn't good enough, as _stdcall function names are always decorated. The easy way to generate absolute names for export is to use a .def file with an EXPORTS section.

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