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Basic software questions: E4406A VSA

Question asked by LMRguru on Aug 6, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2011 by LMRguru
I just acquired an E4406A VSA and an E4431A ESG signal generator, both for a superb price.

I've spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of these units.   I'm not sure how useful the E4406a is really going to be for me as it only has
basic and GSM options loaded into it,   and I need digital modulation analysis capacity but not for cell systems,   but the generator seems
to be all I'd ever need, or close to it.

But now I want to ask:  What's the software basis that these units operate on?  It appears that during power-up they're running X Windows,
so it's a unix platform.   (Which begs the question, I can hook up a keyboard and mouse, and while a mouse works, a regular PS2 keyboard
did not.  Does this require a Sun type keyboard?)

What platform is the application software running on?   If I were to decide to make the effort to learn to write my own applications for it,
what would be the software/language required to do so?    I tend to doubt that it's Labview, but I can at least understand that whatever the
unit uses, it is roughly akin to Labview,  a graphical instrument operating environment.   So what is it, exactly?

Now, having gone this far,  I want to ask, assuming I have the appropriate keyboard,  how would one use it to gain access to the file system or be able to perform maintenance and exploration tasks in the unit's software, and issue specific commands from the keyboard if there was a reason for me to do so and I was competent to do so safely?

I realize these are pretty elementary questions, but when it comes to the software aspects of modern test equipment, I don't have any
experience as of yet, and I want to start getting some.