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vrf Direct I/O-entering code into transaction box

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 18, 2007
Total newbie to this VEE stuff. Using 7.5
I am trying to follow the user's guide, currently Ch 3, but we don't have the instrument the example in the guide is using, so I am trying to learn with what we have.
Trying to control an Agilent N5182A MXG Sig Gen.
I can turn Remote on and off, but anytime I try to read or write I get error messages. I either get a syntax error  or the sig gen times out, depends on how I entered the code.
I believe it is becuase I am entering the code incorrectly, but I don't have a clue as to the correct way.
Here is a code to set the frequency I have been attempting. This code is from a list I was given for this instrument.
I would like to set it to 5.0 GHz just for now. How do I input this correctly? I know that I will need to use quotes, but I have tried several ways and cannot figure it out.
Thanks all.

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