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Measurement-speed of the 34980-mainframe when using Vee and

Question asked by OnlyOne on Nov 8, 2010
Latest reply on May 24, 2011 by thomas.reichert
my question is about the measurement-speed of the 34980-mainframe when using Vee and sockets.

The hard-/software:
- PC_1 with Vee 7.0 and three running Vee programs(Vee_1, Vee_2 and Vee_3).
- Vee_1 exchanges data over "socket" with Vee_2 and Vee_3
- Vee_2 and Vee_3 also gets data over "socket" from two other PCs (PC_2 and PC_3) with TCP/IP
- Vee_1 also gets data over "USB" with scpi-commands from an 34980-mainframe
- In the mainframe are two 34923-mux-modules which are configured for automatic scan
each second (Timer 1). The measured data is then read (with timestamp) from Vee_1.

What now happens is:
The measurement values are measured inside of the mainframe and stored in the buffer
until i read them out with the DATA:REMOVE-command. Then the timestamp is automatically also returned
so i see when the measurement was done. Because of TIMER=1 there should be each second a new value.

Question is:
Is it possible that the mainframe slows down when there is too much VISA-traffic in the system?
When i run Vee_1, Vee_2 and Vee_3 and open the IO-Monitor then there are thousands of messages running
between the different parts.
Is it possible that 34980-mainframe also has to check all messages if they belong to him and so the prozessor-speed goes slowlier and has less time to run the measurment-part?
Because: When Vee_2 and Vee_3 are _not_ running the socket-things and so not so much visa-communication then
the measurement is excactly each 1sec otherwise it slows down to 1.3-1.4sec.
Also when i do something in windows (like open a program, moving windows, unplug USB) the measurement-speed changes. I thouht the measurenemts are done
inside of the mainfram... why dows windows "hanging" affect the speed of the mainframe?