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Com Port >3

Question asked by boespflu on Sep 17, 2010
Does anyone know how VEE handles COM Ports (serial) greater than 3?

My PC has only two "built-in" RS232 COM ports, and they are assigned COM1 and COM2. I added two USB-to-Serial cables to get two more COM ports (3 & 4). VEE works well with COM 3, but not COM 4, even though they have the same settings and are identical hardware. Even if I switch the two cables, VEE still has an issue with COM 4 (or any number greater than 3, since I also tried changing the port numbers). I have checked the COM ports using other hardware/software and they work fine. I have also confirmed their existence and integrity using the Agilent Connection Expert. When I run VEE, I get the following error:

Configuration error: Serial interface, at 4, is not configured for this system
Error number: 801
Refer to the installation manual for instructions
In Transaction number 1
Object title: Serial_B ( @4)
Object type: Direct I/O

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.